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Date of Death

Did you recently lose a loved one who willingly gave you his/her property? Do you feel constantly burdened by your recent estate inheritance?

Settling an estate is one of the most sensitive and complicated tasks that many people will ever experience.  In the case of a date of death appraisal, the outcome of the valuation findings can have significant, long-term effects on the descendants of the loved one.

When an estate is transferred to the executor or inheritors upon the decedent’s death, a date of death or estate appraisal is necessary to determine the fair market value of the property. As simple as it sounds, the task of appraising a real estate property is quite complicated. No two pieces of land have the exact same value or market price. Estate appraisals have unique documentation concerns and require a professional. Engaging the services of an experienced estate appraiser with specific knowledge of your local area will ensure an accurate retrospective fair market value of the concerned estate.

Your appraiser should possess the necessary qualifications, experience, and expertise to carry out date of death and probate appraisals in order to assist you with estate planning or settlement. At Atlanta Appraisers, we have over 15 years of certified, professional expertise handling estate valuations during these difficult times.

There are times when the property you are concerned with can easily be assessed by the county tax assessor by making a comparison with similar properties located in the area. However, when preparing to file a tax return as the beneficiary of an estate, the appraised value of your property is crucial to any tax liability imposed. Seeking the advice of a professional will ensure that your tax liability is minimized and your inheritance secure.

The most complicated task performed by a home appraiser is that of calculating the retrospective value of the property, i.e. the value of the property on a prior date. The date taken for calculating these values is generally the date on which the owner of the estate died.

Our date of death appraisal services are created to make your entire inheritance and valuation journey smooth and successful. Customer satisfaction is our foundation.

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