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When you work with Atlanta Appraisals, you will receive a detailed, custom-written bankruptcy report that your appraiser is prepared to defend in court on your behalf.


Our property appraisers have experience since 2001 with the latest property appraisal knowledge, trends, and tools to provide you with comprehensive commercial appraisals delivered quickly and accurately.

Date of Death

Atlanta Appraisers knows that people need estate and date of death appraisals for a variety of reasons. We also understand the unique process of determining and planning an estate, as well as the need to have accurate information to help maintain fairness to all parties involved.


Homeowners, attorneys, and accountants in Atlanta depend on our appraisals when ascertaining what real property is worth for divorces. We have an abundance of expertise working with all parties involved and can readily handle your needs.

Expert Witness

Many valuation court cases are won or lost based on the testimony of the valuation expert. Our professionals at Atlanta Appraisers are experienced in the art of giving credible valuation testimony.

Financial Planning

Atlanta Appraisers is a distinguished appraisal firm that is experienced in determining appraisals for both single properties and multiple properties in a portfolio, with a complete knowledge of all the required processes.


Having the expert help of the appraisers at Atlanta Appraisers is beneficial because our company has the experience and human resources to help individual homeowners, as well as seasoned real estate personnel, give a fair list price that helps sell homes successfully.


If you are a homeowner or own commercial property, you need an official appraisal of your real estate property from Atlanta Appraisers as third-party proof of the value of your assets for the DHS’ Affidavit of Support.


No matter what your vacant land has been or will be used for, a trained appraiser from Atlanta Appraisers will be able to provide land development valuations, including agricultural property and residential or commercial development lots.

PMI Removal

Atlanta Appraisers has years of experience in valuating trends in and around metro Atlanta. We know the guidelines to getting your PMI removed.


Contractors, builders, banks, and lenders in the metro Atlanta area have come to rely on Atlanta Appraisers to provide them with the information needed to make sound, informed decisions for their pre-construction plans.


A pre-contract appraisal from Atlanta Appraisers plays an essential role in almost every sale involving real estate property, whether it be to determine the sale price, help negotiate a fair sale price, or to set an offering price.


Don’t risk leaving several thousand dollars on the closing table. Atlanta Appraisals provides an accurate, substantive pre-listing appraisal service for homeowners and realtors in the greater Atlanta area. 


Pre-loan appraisals from Atlanta Appraisers have saved time and money for many homeowners during the pre-approval process. Contact us today for your complimentary pre-loan consultation and detailed quote.


By obtaining the services of Atlanta Appraisals for a pre-purchase appraisal, both the buyer and seller become more informed about the property and the property’s value.

Property Tax Appeal

Here at Atlanta Appraisals, we strive to provide you with an accurate valuation of your property so you can be assured you are only paying your fair share of property tax.